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SOFTSHELL – A soft shell? What exactly is it? What is it the difference between softshell and other
traditional waterproof materials?

The original idea of ​​the softshell material assumed that it would be a membrane-free material. This is
a kind of fabric used mainly in sports and tourist clothing as an alternative to "hardshell" -> three
layers of outdoor clothing: thermal underwear, thermal insulation layer (fleece or sweater) and
jackets with a membrane.

Undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages of the sofshell is the fact that the material permeates
the air while being windproof. During physical activity, it protects us against the wind, as well as
against heat loss and drains the water vapor produced by our skin. This means that the material
"breathes", which in the case of hardshell does not occur while increased activity.

A jacket made of softshell material, unlike a regular membrane jacket, can be worn on its own in
many situations.

Not every softshell is waterproof, but in Miapka's jackets and parkas we used material with a
membrane that can withstand a water column up to 10 000 mm.

What to look for when choosing a baby jacket for all weathers?

Breathability, waterproofness, protection against wind
Thickness of the fabric (thicker for cool spring and autumn pores)
Cut – the possibility of putting an additional layer under the jacket
Pockets, sleeves adjustment
Insulating properties
Resistance to damage, dirt resistance
Where and when does the Maiapka’s softshell jackets work?
On an ordinary walk, on the playground, on the trip over the sea, the lake, the mountains, on the
sails ….