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Softshell- a soft shell?

SOFTSHELL - A soft shell? What exactly is it? What is it the difference between softshell and other traditional waterproof materials? The original idea of ​​the softshell material assumed that it would be a membrane-free material. This is a kind of fabric used mainly...

Bamboo for the summer

Do you wonder how you dress your children? What materials are their clothes made of? - We do! You probably already heard about bamboo fabric and if not, today you can find out some interesting facts about it. For several years, bamboo has been conquering the textile...

Patent for a pleasant walk

Every parent knows how precious are the moments spent with their child on a walk or play. The view of a smiling toddler discovering the world around him is a joy for parents! To make the walk with your child always successful, we have a solution for you! The patented...