Made with care in Poland
Do you wonder how you dress your children? What materials are their clothes made of?
– We do!

You probably already heard about bamboo fabric and if not, today you can find out some interesting facts about it. For several years, bamboo has been conquering the textile and clothing market. What has earned the hearts of buyers and what are the miraculous properties?First of all, bamboo fabrics take back moisture and have thermoregulatory properties. Thanks to this, they are perfect for children’s clothes. Imagine t-shirts, skirts or shorts for children which cool them in the summer. It’s the magic of bamboo knits! In addition, they are soft and delicate in touch.

Probably more than once you have heard that bamboo is great for allergy sufferers. Do you know why?

An most important advantages of this material are bactericidal and anti-fungal properties that provide up to 70% cleaner surface, since no microorganisms are able to accumulate on it. Thanks to these properties it is extremely durable, and even after many washes it still retains its shape and color. In addition, it does not require special care and can be washed at low temperatures without softeners, because the material itself is already soft!

This is why bamboo fabrics have been the favourite of Miapka! Their specific properties are ideal for clothes for children and babies.

In our summer collection you will find t-shirts with iron-on transfers, skirts with panties in the set and shorts with colourful pockets made of bamboo fabric.

Do not wait! Let your child feel the comfort and softness of this wonderful material!